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US v Cotterman: Electonic Data Has Value

Posted in Damages, Password

The influential Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued an important decision in a “watershed case” regarding the expectation of privacy in password protected electronic devices. US v Cotterman Handed down on March 8, 2013, US v Cotterman involved the border search of a registered sex offender entering the US from Mexico. When they were… Continue Reading

Password Protection. Hint: It’s not 1-2-3-4-5

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Mark Burnett is the author of a book entitled “Perfect Password: Selection, Protection, Authentication”  (Syngress Publisher December 25, 2005). A password is one of the most fundamental ways we access protected information on a computer.  And while most of us know not to select the obvious, Mark Burnett writes that in fact, 50% of computer users violate this rule by… Continue Reading