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New Delivery Mechanism: Voicemail Attachments

Posted in Hacking, Voicemail

Missed call notifications in Microsoft Outlook are the latest delivery mechanism for viruses.  Tricksters are using recorded voicemail messages that appear in emails as another route for ransomware and malware.

The attack email arrives with an attachment that seems to contain a voice message compressed in  a zip folder.  But the folder actually contains hidden malicious code that will install ransomware.  Once unzipped, ransomware will encrypt files on your computer, and maybe the entire network.  These attacks are also happening in residential systems, not just businesses.

Hacking voice mails is not new, and there have been voicemail notification breaches before, too.    Nor does this attack have to be limited to voicemail – why not phishing emails posing as legitimate notifications from printers and faxes?

How would a privacy policy respond to a hacked voice mail via the internet?  Chances are such a claim should be covered providing the definition of computer system or network is broad enough to include voicemail that does not originate on a cellular phone.  But coverage aside, it is one more example of social engineering that turns a routine task into a risk.