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Who Covers the CIO In a Privacy Lawsuit?

Posted in CIO, Coverage, D&O, OPM

The CIO for the Office of Personnel Management is one of 4 defendants recently sued by the federal workers’ union for failing to correct known deficiencies in the system.   The CIO is a frequent casualty of cyber breaches: Target, AOL, the Utah Department of Health, Ohio University.  It is no surprise then that a CIO’s  average tenure is about 5 years, much shorter than other… Continue Reading

Would federal cyber legislation apply to a federal agency breach?

Posted in Federal Legislation, OPM

There is no shortage of headlines about the massive data breach at the Office of Personnel Management, which reportedly involves about 25 million former and current federal workers, their spouses and those who applied for government background checks. There was also no shortage of headlines this past spring when both the House of Representatives and… Continue Reading