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New Delivery Mechanism: Voicemail Attachments

Posted in Hacking, Voicemail

Missed call notifications in Microsoft Outlook are the latest delivery mechanism for viruses.  Tricksters are using recorded voicemail messages that appear in emails as another route for ransomware and malware. The attack email arrives with an attachment that seems to contain a voice message compressed in  a zip folder.  But the folder actually contains hidden malicious code that… Continue Reading

Successful Attack on Electrical Grid a First

Posted in Electical Power Facility, Energy, Hacking

Russian hackers are suspected in a cyber attack on a Ukrainian electrical grid which would be the first time a cyber attack caused widespread electrical outage. U.S. firm blames Russian ‘Sandworm’ hackers for Ukraine outage. On December 23, a large swath of the Ukraine involving about 700,000 homes was without power for several hours.  It would… Continue Reading

A Quiz You Want to Fail: How Many Times Has Your Personal Data Been Hacked?

Posted in Hacking, Privacy

Take the New York Times’ interactive quiz in the July 29, 2015 edition to estimate how many times your personal data may have been exposed to hackers.  (New York Times Quiz) Have you applied to or worked in the federal government since 2000?  Who is your health insurer?  Do you  have an account on certain websites such as  AOL or Twitter? … Continue Reading

Medical Device Hacking Prompts Concern

Posted in Hacking, Healthcare, Insurance

Jay Radcliffe sent chills down the spines of many when he announced during the Black Hat conference that he was able to hack into his own insulin pump and adjust the dosage levels or even turn it off.  All he needed was the pump’s serial number.  Fellow analyst Brad Smith warned that worms and viruses… Continue Reading