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Cyber Risks at the Super Bowl

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This year’s Super Bowl is at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.   Organizers are touting free, open and fast-paced wireless service.  According to The Atlantic, the stadium will have 13,000 Wi-Fi access points, about one every 10 feet. (Click here for The Atlantic) An estimated 100,000 devices are expected to be connected to the stadium… Continue Reading

Data Breaches in Schools Should Not Be Dismissed

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There is an increasing number of reported breaches in our school systems.  Just this past July: •Ferris State University in Michigan reported that PII for 39,000 students and employees was briefly available after an unauthorized entry into its system. Ferris State Breach •high school in North Carolina’s Guildford County inadvertently disclosed the PII of 456 students… Continue Reading

Business Insurance’s Judy Greenwald quotes Celeste King

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Celeste King was recently quoted by Business Insurance’s Judy Greenwald in her article “Federal cyber legislation could simplify state laws.”  The article addresses the need for federal legislation in addition to pitfalls of various state legislation.  You can read the article here.

Healthcare Organizations still “under the weather” according to Ponemon’s Second Annual Study on Patient Privacy and Data Security

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Although Ponemon’s Second Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy and Data Security has shown some improvement for health organizations the overall message is still bleak.  The second annual report examines changes from the past year that may have affected privacy and data protection in healthcare organizations.  It also looks as how well the healthcare organizations are… Continue Reading

Need a Break Over the Thanksgiving Weekend? Test Your Cyber Knowledge With Cyber Word Find!

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    Cyber jargon develops as fast as cyber technology.  Have fun with Cyber Word Find (PDF) to see how many words you can identify.  Stumped?  Click on our CyBIR Glossary tab for clues.  If you complete the puzzle, email it to and receive a prize! Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving from your… Continue Reading

Webinar Series on Cyber & Privacy Breaches & Their Insurance Impacts Kicks-off October 4 – Register Here

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Join us on October 4, 2011 at 10:00 C.S.T. when we kick-off our Webinar Series on Cyber and Privacy Breaches and Their Insurance Impacts. Our first webinar on October 4 will provide an overview of Cyber and Privacy Risks and Regulations and their Insurance Impacts.  This will be followed by a second webinar on November 15… Continue Reading

WWM is Moving…

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WE ARE MOVING!! WWM is pleased to announce that our Chicago office will be moving into new space on Friday, September 16.  Our new address will be: One North Franklin Street Suite 3200 Chicago, Illinois 60606 PLEASE NOTE:  OUR E-MAIL AND CHICAGO PHONE SYSTEMS WILL SHUT DOWN AT APPROXIMATELY 4 P.M. C.S.T. ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER… Continue Reading

Sony Insurers Should Expect a Busy Year

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Sony insurers are going to have a busy year.  Sony is estimating loses of $3.2 billion [pdf] from the Earthquake damage and Sony’s continued troubles with hackers.  Since our last post we have learned: The hacker used Amazon’s Elastic Computer Cloud, or EC2, service to attack SOE. May 17, Sony’s chief executive, Howard Stringer, claimed… Continue Reading